Eastville Park is 70 acres of wonderful green space near the heart of the city. The River Frome runs through the park and this, together with the mixed deciduous woodland and open grassland provides a wide variety of habitats for wildlife to thrive.

Due to this abundance of wildlife the park has become a favoured spot for many local birdwatchers and wildlife photographers. Kingfishers  grey herons and otters are a few of the resident species that feature prominently, with a wider resident species list including, greater spotted and green woodpeckers, dippers, foxes and badgers.

During winter months resident species are joined by species such as cormorants, black-headed gulls and goldcrests as well less common visitors like goosanders and water rail. Summer months are the time to see butterflies, moths and dragonflies as well as many other kinds of invertebrate. These in turn provide an important food source for larger summer visitors such as daubenton’s bats, which can be seen feeding low over the lake, black caps chiffchaffs swallows, house martins and swifts.

Originally part of the Smythe and Badminton estates, the park has many beautiful, well established trees. Around the football pitches avenues of lime and oak mark the lines of old hedgerows.

Down around the lake larger more mature oaks and beech put on a wonderful autumn display as well providing for an abundance of wildlife. The mixed woodland around the park contains, species such birch, ash, oak, hornbeam, hawthorn and blackthorn and in the spring can be carpeted with bluebells, wood anemones and garlic.

Whether you are an avid wildlife enthusiast or simply wanting to learn a little more about what surrounds you when visiting Eastville Park then be sure to keep your eye on the the Friends of Eastville Park Facebook page for organised events such as moth trapping, wildlife safaris and dawn chorus walks.


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