Let’s Roll!
Welcome to Eastville Park Bowls Club.

We started out afresh in 2021 and are looking for members for the 2022 season


Please contact us at Eastvillebowls@gmail.com


There is a beautiful enclosed bowling green hidden away in the upper park next to the historical buildings. For more than 110 years bowlers have been playing on these greens, though only one is now in use. In former times they were the best in the city and hosted many competetion finals.


The bowling team Eastville Park Bowls Club, play from the start of April to the end of September. Currently, we play matches against local clubs, but are aiming to enter the local leagues when we have sufficient members to field the teams.



Bowling is an inexpensive and enjoyable lawn game that gets you moving while enjoying life in the slow lane. It is a game of skill that takes minutes to learn and a lifetime to master. Each ball has a weighted bias to allow the ball to curve towards the target ball [jack] and the closest balls to the jack score the points.


Despite having a reputation as being for pensioners, anyone can play, and you move more than you would imagine! We welcome participants from all parts of our community, bowls ability is not impacted by gender, race or physical ability; success comes from practice and experience.


If you would like to try the game of bowls, come and join in on a free taster session any Friday evening in April – tea, coffee, juice, and cake available to all.


Alternatively, drop us an email to Eastvillebowls@gmail.com and arrange a session time to suit you.


For more information look at our webpage: https://www.eastvilleparkbowlsclub.com/


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